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Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A with Kerry Kriger: How to Hold Your Bamboo Flute

In this video, Dr. Kerry Kriger answers eight questions from beginner students, related to fingering and holding a flute. Most flute players will eventually encounter many of these issues, so you will be getting very relevant info for your own learning.


- "What is the ideal way to hold the flute? I wish there was a way for me to see the proper finger and hand placement. Especially important is the placement of the thumb."
- "Komal notes are difficult for me."
- "On large flutes, I find it difficult to adjust my fingers to close the holes properly. The G is easy for me to finger, but I struggle quite a bit stretching to get a good sound from the E."
- "Are you producing any sound when you are blowing and moving your finger from Sa to Ni?" (Meend)
- "How to be precise with the half notes and play fast"
- "Chronic tendonitis related to practice"
- "Transition between Pa and Ma is difficult"
- "Covering the holes with right hand effectively. My ring finger of right hand doesn't want to stretch."

Recorded on a G-flute (G = Sa = 3 holes closed) using an iPad in Berkeley, California April 18th, 2015

Q&A with Kerry Kriger: Breath Control

I've received a lot of questions about breath control and tone on a bamboo flute, so I made this new video and posted it to the IndianFluteMusic YouTube Channel:


"Thank you. This is so helpful. I have learnt so much from your sharings over the years. Namaste"
-- Badar Mahmood

Some of the questions and issues I address are:
(1) "What is the best way to get the correct tone and enunciation on a bansuri?"
(2) How to get a cleaner sound in the low and high notes
(3) "I have been told by my teacher that I blow too much. I am too open and too loud. How do I get sweet rounded tones and learn to play softly."
(4) Breath Control and volume
(5) "How do you get that "wavy" sound from the flute?"
(6) Blowing techniques
(7) "Sometimes the flute sound is so smooth I can practice for hours. on some days at PA I don't get the sound."
(8) "My biggest issue is that I don't have much air to blow with. I would like to know if there are any ways to practice the breath, making the breath stronger?"

Recorded on an F-flute (F = Sa = 3 holes closed) using an iPad and a Rode NT1-A mic in Berkeley, California April 25th, 2015