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Flute For The Frogs

Flute For The Frogs is a worldwide movement inspiring bamboo flute players to raise awareness for endangered amphibian species.

Flute For The Frogs - Saturday April 27, 2013

Save The Frogs DayAs you may know, I am also the Founder & Executive Director of SAVE THE FROGS!, the world's leading amphibian conservation organization. This April 27, 2013 our supporters will celebrate the 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day, with hundreds of educational events expected to take place in over 40 countries. I plan to play a Save The Frogs Day Benefit Concert in the San Francisco area that day - please come! More info and ticket availability will be announced soon. Learn about my frog conservation efforts here.

Play Flute For The Frogs on Save The Frogs Day!

If you are at a performance level, I invite and encourage you to play a Save The Frogs Day Benefit Concert in your town. On top of bringing publicity to the plight of amphibians, and hopefully some funds to SAVE THE FROGS!, you will get exposure to a brand new audience when we list your event on and Also, many Save The Frogs Day events get news coverage: yours could too if you are pro-active and contact your local media outlets!

If you don't think you are at a performance level, then start practicing daily -- and get rid of your self-limiting beliefs!

If you are a drummer or know drummers, please tell them about Drumming For The Frogs and ask them to perform with you!

Stay tuned for more info, and please contact us if you think you would like to set up a concert in your town, promote it and perform (yes it's a lot of work, but hey you aren't going to be playing at the Sawai Gandharva Festival anytime soon if you don't put in some effort to jumpstart your music career, right??).