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"Kerry, I'll tell you, I have been practicing Jog now for months. I didn't even know all the notes on the bansuri until after I found your site. Your video of Jog on E, and then the lesson of Jog on F, but most importantly the hand written page of notes for Jog - so invaluable. I haven't found anything else like it online. Thank you so much! I want more!"
- Morgan Redman


Jog is a common raga that uses 5 notes up and 5 notes down. Note that Shudd Ga is used on the way up and Komal Ga is used on the way down.

Arohi: SGmPnS
Avarohi: SnPmgS
Time = Night




Two compositions as taught by Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao and transcribed by Kerry Kriger. Both compositions are in teental. Click the image to download the PDF. Enjoy.


Video: Kerry Kriger teaches Jog

Enjoy the video! This was recorded on an E flute.


"Thank you so much for this. Where I live there are no bansuri instructors. Thanks to you I have learned one raga (Bhoopali). Will start on this one today. I like the way you explain the basic concepts, notes and then run through the notes slowly. It makes it easier to watch and learn. Once we have basics from you, we can then improvise. I am not looking to be a professional, just want to be able to play 5-8 meditative ragas to relax and appreciate the beauty and simplicity of this music and instrument. Thanks for making this possible. Regards, Denis Stergiotis"

Audio Recording: Kerry Kriger teaching Jog

This is an almost full-length recording of Kerry Kriger teaching a lesson in Jog to Avadhoot Bhambare, March 1st 2013. Left click to play or right-click to download.
Jog Lesson 2013-03-01 Kerry Kriger