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Yaman is a common raga that uses a pentatonic scale.

Time = Evening

Note that the Ma is Teevra Ma (sharp 4th).


Bansuri Lessons

Learn murkis in Kalyan Scale

Kalyan scale is the basis of Yaman. Watch this video to learn important exercises that will get you on the path to playing Yaman. Enjoy the raga!


"Kerry, Thanks! This video is great! Real clear. Adding the part about tonguing notes on the way down was very helpful. Now I know how to do murkis!"
-- Barry Grant

"Dear Brother Kerry, I totally love your website and how you explain everything. You are very clear and a good teacher. You are very highly qualified and it shows in your playing as if you were born for it. You are a brilliant teacher. Gratefully Yours."
-- Kulsum B.